Open Source Voice Applications

Open Source Applications


A VoiceXML-based, speech-driven auto attendant that can connect callers with any person or group with an enterprise, via their desk, cellular, or VoIP phones.
Vox-attendant is distributed under the MPL license.

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A VoiceXML-based, speech-driven voicemail application that can store messages locally or integrate with any IMAP email server to provide basic unified messaging.
Vox-Mail is distributed under the MPL license.

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Voice Conference Manager

A VoiceXML and CCXML-based, speech-driven conference manager that features both phone and web-based conference call creation, access, and management.
VCM is distributed under the MIT license.

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RocketSource is a meta-project created to bring together a community with common interest in developing open source telephony applications using VoiceXML, CCXML, and related standards. Voxeo sponsors RocketSource to encourage visibility and collaboration across open source VoiceXML and CCXML application projects. One of our goals is to bring other sponsors and code contributors to the RocketSource project.


View the RocketSource press release.

The RocketSource applications currently run on Prophecy, Voxeo's free VoiceXML/CCXML/SIP platform. All of the RocketSource applications are part of the Prophecy install - no need to download seperately, and they are already configured and in the default routes. You can download Prophecy free here:

For additional information and tools to aid VoiceXML and CCXML application development, visit Voxeo's free Evolution developer community at


To Shawn Rhoads and Moshe Yudkowsky for their excellent starting contributions in developing vox-Attendant, vox-Mail, and the VCM.